Comic Con 2013 Update! (Artist’s Alley II-21)

So as we round third and head for Comic Con, we wanted to share a preview of our wares:

As well as a preview of our group postcard set (done in cahoots with Chris Moeller, John Van Fleet and Scott Hampton, guess which one’s which):

We also wanted to announce our signing times at the Archaia Booth (#2635) for our upcoming graphic novel Beautiful Scars:

Thursday, July 18

Friday, July 19

Saturday, July 20

Sunday, July 21

Besides hanging out in Artist’s Alley (#II-21) selling prints, promoting the book, and drawing commissions, you can catch us at our Using Panels to Shape Visual Storytelling talk/demo on Sunday, July 21st at 11:30 am – 1:15 pm, Room 2.

Stop by and say hello!


One thought on “Comic Con 2013 Update! (Artist’s Alley II-21)

  1. Daryl Reply

    is there any way i can purchase the second postcard pack (catwoman, octopus, wonder woman, jungle refinery, batman) please???

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