Announcing Beautiful Scars, March 2014!

Look out! Our book has a release month!

We got some very exciting news today. The book is so close to the finish line that we can see the ribbon right in front of us, just waiting to burst through. We are totally thrilled to announce that our book has been scheduled for April of 2014! We don’t have an exact release date as of yet, but should have one in the next month or two. The fact that we now have a release month to look forward to is so exciting.

April’s a pretty great month for us. Both of our birthdays are in April (9 days apart!) and many of our loved ones as well. And I feel a bit like I’m writing a birth announcement! This book has felt as close to having and raising a baby as anything ever has (short of, you know, actually having and raising a baby). Now it’s time to let that baby into the world (get a job, baby! start earning your keep!).

When all is said and done, the book will come in a whopping 128 pages. It’ll be divided into two sections, the graphic novel, and then a fairy tale filled with all the best stuff: princesses and trolls, biplanes and dragons, danger and romance. Besides us proud parents doing the art, writing, and hand holding, many of our friends are joining in the celebration! They will be creating full page illustrations which we will show off here during the upcoming months leading up to the book’s release… So stay tuned!

Thanks to you all for following us on this journey. This has been a long time coming. And really, it’s just the beginning!

EDIT: The book has actually been announced for MARCH 11th instead! One whole month earlier. This is great news!

Release month achieved. High fives all around!

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