Beautiful Scars Fairy Tale: Meet the Remarkable Robin Carpenter

When we show off the book to anyone, this is the image that people always stop on and squeal a bit. I know I definitely did. This is the work of Robin Carpenter, a super talented young illustrator from Vancouver, BC. After graduating from VanArts in the Game Art and Design program, he came to Emily Carr University, where he is finishing up in the Illustration program. He has already began to make his mark on the illustration and concept design world, and we’re really glad to have his fantastic work in this book!

This scene is where our woodsman meets Karolle, the satyr. We didn’t put him into the graphic novel portion, but he’s a key player in the development of the woodsman’s character. We only had a vague image in our heads of what he would look like, and so we left it up to Robin to give Karolle form. And he did not disappoint! Karolle is is wisest creature in the forest, but I love how his cuddly exterior means you have to look a bit deeper than the surface to see who he really is. Which is really what this book is about!

And if somebody doesn’t make a stuffie of Karolle, I don’t even know why.

See more of Robin’s work here: or follow him on tumblr!

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