Beautiful Scars Preview Party

Saturday, March 22 is a night that Guin and I won’t soon forget. It was the date that we shared Beautiful Scars with the world (albeit, localised to Vancouver). From 8:30-10:30 at Kafka’s, we sold books and prints, had a slideshow going, and even live painted for an auction. Friends who helped illustrate the Fairy tale section of the book were on hand to sign their prints and make us look cool (thanks to Ola Volo, Robin Carpenter, Nomi Chi and especially our field generals Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura!).

Kafka’s Coffee ¬†and Tea was packed, noisy, chaotic and absolutely a blast. And before the end of the evening, all the books were sold out.

But this wasn’t what we will take away from the event. What made the evening special is that we got to spend time with our friends and illustration family. From current students to former students, from fellow faculty and deans from Emily Carr to our peers in life–cramming everyone who welcomed us into Vancouver and kept us going on this project was a gift for Guin and I.

We thank everyone who was on this journey with us, and especially for those who had to root from afar because they couldn’t make the festivities. We heard our cheering section all the way to Canada!

If we had this much fun at the preview, imagine how we’ll feel when this book finally launches (and stand by for our Emerald City adventures to boot!). We thank you in advance for your support and cheer!

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