Our Emerald City Adventures!

We’ve been going to comic conventions for years (decades even) to set up shop, sell some art and meet and greet. However, there isn’t anything quite like going to a convention when you have a book out.

Emerald City is one of our favourite conventions to go to! It already boasts huge numbers, proximity, and a host city that is a lot of fun to hang out in. Also, it’s a comic-centric convention which means not having to battle video game, movie and toy vendors (and the booth babe armies they employ).

Comics and stories is the name of the day and that’s how we like our conventions!

But what made this convention special was the launch of Beautiful Scars to the world!

The book might be so small, but the box is so heavy!

Boom! and Archaia had a huge presence in the convention, setting shop in skyway, connecting the artists in two rooms. It also meant that we got to hang out with our peeps (and they shipped our heavy books for us!). So good to hang out with Mel, Tay, and Irene!

Our Archaia peeps and family!

Conventions are about connecting with people. We were proud to have our students set up shop and show their wares (Mariya Olyshevska, Amy Clare, Cole Pauls), but a big thanks to Louisa Tsui for holding down the fort while we did the errands that needed to be done.

Too cool for school…

We had a wonderful time hanging out with our art friends! Special shout out to David and Julia Petersen, Mike Yamada, Victoria Ying, Becky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson, Stuart and Steve Ng (let’s grab dinner again soon!), Ryan Hill, Jen Vaughn, Matt Bogart, Scott and Georgia Ball, Royden Lepp and Britney Lee… talking shop, comics, and the value of foam core is always a great time! We also got to meet new artists at the show: Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline, Brandon Graham, and Cil Cheung. We have the coolest art neighbours!

Day 1

Beyond signing our books, the commission work, and the many Jimmy John’s sub runs, we wanted to thank all of the people we’ve met over the weekend who generally wanted to read our book. One story that stood out came from meeting Ketty, a young gentleman who read our book and felt a special connection to the book on the spot. The book reminded him of his grandfather and we all shared a moment we’ll never forget. Needless to say, I’ve never drawn with that much water in my eyes… Hopefully the drawing has dried out.

Day 2

So thank you all for coming to visit us in our little corner of Artist’s Alley. It was a convention we will never forget. And Ella, we’ll draw you another Superdog next year!

Day 3. See you next year!

Up next… San Diego Comic Con! We can’t wait.


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