Keep Warm These Holidays!

Guin and I have been doing holiday cards for a while now. The general work flow is that we realise that the Holidays are coming, we panic, and then we create a card. This time, we combined two of our favourite things for this year’s card: movies and sweaters. So…

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The Magic of Mary Blair

This week was Mary Blair’s birthday. She was born in 1911, so this would have been her 102nd one. I didn’t even realize until I saw a post on Facebook, and thought it would be a great time to talk about her. Because I always want to talk about her….

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The Disney Effect

Time to catch people up on our San Diego Comic-Con experience… Exhausting while being exhilarating! We got to sell a ton of prints (heartfelt thanks to those who supported our 2013 artistic endeavours), we introduced the con to Guin’s cousin (Ryn = Mind Blown) we got to meet a bunch…

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