BONDS #1: Allegro, Image Comics, 2007

“It’s gripping stuff. Human drama is intermixed with the fantastic in a way I haven’t seen in a long time. The length of the book — thirty two pages without a single ad — has you glued to the page as Faith descends into darkness.” – Joe Keatinge

Faith Warner is an up and coming cellist leading a seemingly perfect life until the night she loses her father to an assassin’s bullet. So when Faith discovers she has the opportunity to use long dormant magical abilities to exact her revenge, she takes it. Her path of retribution is a bloody one. To become an instrument of vengeance, she must sever the bonds of her happiness… and sacrifice her future.

BONDS #2: Adagio, Image Comics, 2007

“He does a great job handling the art chores and makes Faith look absolutely stunning. His writing is also top notch and you can tell that he knows his stuff when it comes to classical music. He draws you in with a compelling story yet doesn’t ruin all the secrets in the first issue, he leaves you wanting more.” – Ranting and Raving

Faith Warner descends deeper into the hell of her own creation. When she dreams, people die. The more she kills, the more she questions her choice. Alone and at her breaking point, she finds herself no closer to killing her father’s murderer. Faith Warner must discover her true path to find redemption in spite of her actions.

BONDS #3: Finale, Image Comics, 2009

“Bonds is a gripping blend of industrial espionage, living night terrors, assassins, mysticism, sex and tattoos–basically all the good things of life. And death. I loved it!” – Scott Hampton, Batman, Simon Dark

“As a former student of Durwin Talon, I’ve waited quite some time to read this book. And I’m not disappointed. Absolutely beautiful!” – Jonathan Luna, Girls, The Sword

The bio-weapon project White Rabbit is ready to be activated–to uphold her promise to her father, Faith Warner must stop it. She discovers that the project does not end with Hirano, and has to steel her resolve to finish what she started. To save her soul, Faith must forge new bonds with a father whose love was elusive, a mother she is killing and a fiance who never lost hope.